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The WEGG family at Alresford, 1926
The WEGG family at Alresford, 1926

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    about some of the places my family tree.The WEGG family lived in the Sedgeford, Great Bircham and Little Walsingham areas of Norfolk, England, from the late 17th century to the mid 1800's.

I created this website in August 1997 as a place to share my family history material. Through it I have made contact with a number of fellow researchers and previously unknown relatives who have helped with building my tree, and to them I am very grateful.

The arrival of social media and online genealogy providers, however, has largely made the effort and expense of maintaining a personal site unnecessary, and I have therefore decided to retire “The World Wide Wegg”.

Keeping this site updated over the last 21 years has been fun, but modern methods are so much easier. I hope to continue to make contact through whatever the latest platform happens to be.

Ian Wegg
October 2018.